After a month, finally finished this crazy project. Hope you’ll like it.

part AV. 

part AV. 

This video is the final composition of the dj performance + the video output. In short, I manipulate the video, live with my turntables.



part A.

part A.

This video is the live recording of the dj performance, which besides audio, also has a video output (part V.)



part V.

part V.

This video is the visual output, coming from a live dj performance (part A.)




As I continue to explore the possibilities of ‘live video editing’ using dj-gear, the preparation of the footage itself is becoming a crucial part of the process. This work marks the beginning of a new chapter of this crazy time-consuming ‘video scratching’ journey.

the idea.

I wanted to know how it would look like to visualize a beat juggle and some scratching, using a snooker visual. I remembered a shot by Steve Davis doing a trick, which in my mind would be the perfect footage for this. After a quick YT search, I started to edit the video to use it in Serato and Mix Emergency. I duplicated this ‘ball-hit’ shot and placed it under the kick (left), snare (right) and scratch sound (middle). 

the footage.

Snooker always fascinated me on a visual level. The colors, the sounds, the vibe, I can watch it for hours. I used a clip of Steve Davis, performing a trick during an event in 2017. I remember watching him as a kid, on Eurosport, doing this exact same trick. I spend hours learning to do it myself (and I still can). Now years later, I thought of this trick to visualize the motion of scratching.

the audio.

The track used for this routine is ‘Mint’ by Saxxx. Such a dope track. Listen to this with headphones for a premium audio experience.

Slam Le Flap